Sterile Products

Our products are manufactured basicly for patient and pyhsicians protection and isolation in all surgical operations.

Non-Sterile Products

Our products providing confidence in terms of the convenience of patient and the physicians in order to provide and isolation and hygiene of people and the hospital equipment.


Our products which are clinical approved after having all necessary tests passed in order to minimize the infection risk for the patient and to provide the comfort of the team carrying-out the operation. It provides time and confidence control in preparation of the patient and the operation team in one step before starting to the surgical intervention by manufacturing the necessary contents in appropriate measurements and numbers depending on related surgical operations.


They are the auxiliary products in order to minimize the infection risk that will be able to originate and occur over the equipment without considering whether there is a contact of the equipment used in the operation with the patient during the operation.

2017 / 2018 VeniMed® Product Catalog


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Our Participations to domestic and foreign organizations as VeniMed®

Turkish Cardiovascular Surgery Association 15th Congress

  26 / 29 OCTOBER 2018


28th National
Moscow Fair

  03 / 07 DECEMBER 2018


Arab Health
Dubai Fair

  28 / 31 January 2019